Use your iOS device as a graphic tablet

Q. What is iGraphTablet ?

A. iGraphTablet allows you to simulate a Graphics Tablet with an iPad or iPhone. The picture of your computer screen appears on your mobile device and you can move the mouse cursor with your finger

Q. How does it work ?

A. iGraphTablet is composed of two components : iGraphTablet and iGraphTablet Server. The first one must be downloaded via the Apple AppStore on your iPad or iPhone. The second can be downloaded here and must be installed on your Mac or PC. iGraphTablet Server is the bridge that allows iGraphTablet to display your computer’s screen on your mobile device and to move your mouse cursor.

Q. My computer doesn't appear on the server selection page, why ?

A. For iGraphTablet to work, you need to check the following :

For Windows users : For Mac OS X users :

Q. I've made all of that but the server still doesn't appear: what should I do ?

iGraphTablet has a feature allowing you to connect to iGraphTablet Server by entering the IP address of your computer. On the server selection screen, tap the bottom left button (IP Connection). You will then be able to manually enter the IP address. Note that if nothing happens when you tap the Connect button, it means that your computer doesn't respond. Since v3.0, we added a "Test" button that allows you to troubleshoot furthermore. If the IP is unreachable, it will tell you. The same if the computer is reachable but iGraphTablet Server is not (meaning it is not launched or the ports are blocked by a firewall).

Q. What are the differences between normal and Lite version ?

A. The lite version is a trial version. At the time we made it we couldn't call it "iGraphTablet Demo" or "iGraphTablet Trial" because those two words were banned from use by Apple validation processes. Not sure it's still the case but either way we now can't rename it.
The Lite version is totally free. You can't create regions with it and you can't create your own shortcuts. Furthermore, it gives you the opportunity to try iGraphTablet only for 5 minutes at a time. After this period of time, iGraphTablet Lite disconnects and returns to the server selection page. You can then re-connect but you'll have to wait 1'30" before iGraphTablet Lite allows you to connect again. We know it's annoying, but it's precisely the goal of it, so that people can try iGraphTablet and then buy the full version if it's OK with them. We may be philanthropists, be we're very much like you: we need to eat and pay our rent :)

Q. How do I scroll the picture on my iPad ?

A. Press at least 2 fingers on the view and slide.

Q. I'm on Mac OS X and when I launch iGraphTablet Server I got a message telling me it isn't an application made by an identified developer and cannot be launched. Why and how to launch it ?

A. iOS certificates and Mac OS certificates are now available with the same registration ! No need anymore to pay two registrations per year. We signed iGraphTablet Server with our certificate so that this annoying message won't be displayed anymore :)

Q. Does iGraphTablet support the sensitivity pressure ?

A. Short answer: no. Long answer: we're working on it.
The first problem is that there's no sensitivity pressure on the iPad, so it means using a pressure sensitive stylus like the Wacom Creative Stylus or the Pogo Connect. The second problem is that it seems really hard to achieve on Windows. So for now, it's wait and see...

Q. iGraphTablet worked before on the first iPad: is it still working ?

A. Unfortunately no. The programming tools supplied by Apple doesn't allow us to test our application on devices with on OS older than iOS 8.1. And let's be clear, the overwork to make iGraphTablet run on older systems was becoming huge, and the percentage of users using them has become really small. So sorry if your operating system is not supported anymore. But know that you still can use iGraphTablet version 2 by downloading an older release on the App Store (you can download the corresponding iGraphTablet Server version in the Archives section).

Q. What is the minimum configuration for my computer to run iGraphTablet Server ?

A. The minimum recommended configuration is double Core CPU at 2.66Ghz with 4GB of RAM. Let's be clear: the bigger your screen resolution will be, the better your CPU and RAM should be. But know that it works OK for us with an early 2009 iMac Core 2 Duo, 24 inches (1900x1200 pixels), with 8GB of RAM and running on Mac OS 10.11.

Q. What is the minimum recommended iOS device that can run iGraphTablet ?

A. We tried it on the first generation iPad Air (late 2013) and it works great. The same for an iPhone 6 (sept. 2014). It should work on older iPads and iPhones but could be slower (that depends too on your screen resolution, computer CPU power and of course available network bandwidth). If you find it a little slow, you can try to adjust the settings to lower the image quality and/or reduce the scale of the image. note that there's a "Show FPS" option in the settings of iGraphTablet that should help you find the better settings possible for your configuration.