Use your iOS device as a graphic tablet

iGraphTablet is an application allowing you to use your iPhone or iPad as a graphic tablet. Check the Frequently asked questions

Download the server version :

Not your os ? Check other versions

Hey ! It has nothing to do with iGraphTablet, but here's my new application on Mac OS: Tiny Code Studio. It's a code editor to make programs on Arduino Boards. There's code completion, colorization and a software debugger so no need for a hardware debugger anymore. If you make programs for Arduino, be sure to check it out: it's in beta and free for now !

Here is a video explaining how iGraphTablet works:

And here is a little time lapse using iGraphTablet and Krita:

Download iGraphTablet on your iOS Device

For any technical problem regarding iGraphTablet, check the FAQ or feel free to contact us by email.